Kekule's Dream

This package design was created as part of Auckland's first  Adobe Creative Jam – with a 2.5 hour time frame and limited resources, myself and four other designers were challenged to each design a graphic for Outlier Cartel's new lager, Kekule's Dream. 

"Legend has it, while daydreaming German chemist August Kekule saw atoms dance around and form into strings. The strings transmogrified into a snake, which proceeding to consume its own tail. From that vision, he immediately understood what the molecular structure for benzene was."

My design portrays the strings that transmogrify into two snakes eating each others tails. The sword represents precision and passion – mystical meeting the precise nature of brewing science. The colour palette references the tropical flavour of the lager and its colouring. 

The illustration below was the quick concept sketch I produced and presented as part of the competition. 


Illustration and packaging


Outlier Cartel