Ladies Wine and a bit of Design – Auckland launch

Dow teamed up with Jessica Walsh, art director and partner at NYC based design firm Sagmeister & Walsh, to bring her global initiative to Auckland.

Jessica started Ladies, Wine & Design in New York after doing a lot of thinking and reading on why there are so few female creative directors. She believes we can create change through mentorship and championing each others' work.

As a female-led creative company in Auckland, we are inspired by Jessica's global call for open conversations on design and leadership. Auckland has more than it's fair share of exceptionally creative women and it is our hope to encourage recognition and success for them through LWD.

We hosted our first courtyard conversation 'Chit-chats with Boss Babes', here at Dow Design in February. Twenty ladies joined us for wine, nibbles and casual 'chit-chats' with three incredible 'boss babes' Michele Whitecliffe (President, Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design), Claire Sullivan (Publisher & Editor-in-chief of Denizen — Denizen Modern Living — Denizen Navigator) and Alison Barass (Professional Director). The conversation was hilarious, candid, and filled with career insights.

 Natalie & Jeannie

Natalie & Jeannie