The Dieline – Concepts We Wish Were Real

Meld was featured on The Dieline – Thank you to The Dieline.

Student Jeannie Burnside caught herself wondering, “How can innovative brand and packaging solutions be a catalyst for busy people to improve their eating?” So often, our convenient, on-the-go food options contain unhealthy ingredients and additives. We desire the ease of something simple, but we also crave health. Burnside’s student project, Meld, aims to find the middle ground between these two. 

“Brand and packaging design is employed to present a new meal system that consists of controlled portion sizes and organic wholefoods, to cater to the needs of busy health-conscious consumers. To understand this method of building a meal I have established a graphic system to illustrate the principles of individual servings, the respective nutritional categories and how when five packages are melded together, one wholesome meal is produced. I was concerned with developing a new graphic language to convey Meld’s brand values of honesty and natural goodness by addressing the use of ‘greenwashing,’ typically used to imply ecologically friendly products. Consumer research studies state that consumers are wary of the conventional signifiers of sustainability and ‘health food’ promises, which I have addressed with a concept that focuses on transparency and system.”

The purity and goodness of what Meld provides stands out through the clear packaging. A literal food pyramid itself, the shape is unusual but provides just the right amount of the food. Because the packaging doesn’t add on bulk or weight, it’s an easy and convenient option for busy customers concerned about their health.

“Positioned as an independent convenience food market in metro city centres, Meld offers the best of two worlds, fast moving consumer good convenience and healthy wholefoods. It seeks to improve both consumer health and minimise environmental waste by reducing the quantity of food consumed and excess food disposed of. Meld promotes a healthy lifestyle inside and out.”