Julian Bittiner: Lecture

From yesterday...

Bio //
Julian Bittiner is an independent designer based in New York, originally from Geneva, Switzerland. His studio practice centers around a search for meaningful new graphic forms and ideas rooted in a specific time and place. Having originally studied painting and photography at Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, after a stint in the corporate design sector he later received an MFA in graphic design from the Yale School of Art where he has been teaching in the graduate and undergraduate programs since 2008. He works closely with artists, curators, historians, architects, and institutions on a variety of projects. [from New York Typography Summer School]

Notes from this lecture //
_ There is no such thing as neutral design
_ Julian's surroundings inform his practice, project that used New York subway grates as typographic inspiration
_ Super utilitarian combined with whimsical
_ Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (New York Design studio) to check out
_ Modifying Monotype Grotesque is one of his projects to reference grave stone history