Day #3 - New York Typography Summer School

I was meant to post this yesterday...

Today was our trip to the Lublin Archive in Cooper Square. 
This excursion was a real treat, to have pieces of design from the great names of Graphic Design selected and laid out for us to explore. 

What were to consider when looking at this work:
_ How was it printed?
_ Limitations involved? was it a 1 / 2 colour job?
_ Paper or other strata?
_ Purpose / audience / client
_ How much tradition is involved?
_ Making something completely new?
_ How organised / structure ? columns, zones, chunks, hierarchy, how many levels? (the challenge of figuring this out)
_ Typefaces (voice, mix)
_ Type and image
_ The family tree involved (who inspired who?) e.g. Theo Van Doesburg, Piet Zwart, Paul Schuitema, William Sanberg, Wim Crouwel, Benno Wissing, Jan Vantoorn, Karel Martens, Irma Boom